PIC18F4XK22 Development Board(DM164134)

The PIC18F4XK22 Development Board is a demonstration and development platform for Microchip’s new PIC18F4X/2XK22 series high performance 8-bit microcontrollers. The board provides a platform to highlight this family’s eXtreme Low Power benchmark for lower power consumption and high-performance operation. . It includes the development board, programming lessons, and demos.

The board is suitable for prototyping many low power applications including RF, temperature sensors, electronic door locks, LCD , remote controls, security sensors, smart cards. The PICtail™ interface supports Microchip’s extensive line of daughter cards for easy evaluation of your next low power application.
This low cost board is the ideal complement to the MPLAB® PICkit 3 or ICD 3 debugger and programmer realizing a fully-featured, economical, PIC18 architecture development environment.

Newer version development tools are available now. Please consider Explorer 8 Development Board (DM160228) for new designs


  • 128x64 Organic LED Display (SPI)
  • 32.768 kHz External Oscillator (Timer1)
  • Analog input filtering and gain control into RE1
  • PWM output filtering from RC2
  • 4 push buttons for user interfacing
  • 1 MCLR switch
  • 8 LEDs mapped to PORTD
  • Potentiometer
  • 1024 KB Serial EEPROM
  • MCP9700 temperature sensor
  • PICtail™ daughter board header (breaks out all pins)
  • 6-Pin ICSP™ programming capability header
  • 6-Pin PICkit Serial Analyzer interface
  • Current measurement jumper
  • RJ-11 ICSP programming header
    Power analyzer header


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PIC18F4XK22 Development Board DM164134

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