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This TPS65218-based reference design is a compact, integrated power solution for Xilinx® Zynq® 7010 SoC/FPGAs (out of the Zynq® 7000 series family of products). This design showcases TPS65218 as an all-in-one PMIC used to supply the five rails needed for powering the Zynq® 7010 SoC/FPGAs. The total board area needed for TPS65218, including passive components, to supply the five power rails to the Zynq® 7010 is just 1.594 in2. The TPS65218 has the flexibility to support either DDR3L or DDR3 memory. This power management IC can be run from a single 5V supply or from a single cell Li-Ion battery. This design is guaranteed to operate across an industrial temperature range (-40°C to 105°C).


Provides 5 supply rails to power the Zynq® 7010 in a compact 1.594 in2 area (includes passive components) TPS65218 offers 4 highly efficient DC-DC converters with integrated FETs and 1 adjustable general purpose LDO Includes an integrated, programmable sequencer for flexible power-up sequencing On-chip GPIOs can be programmed to power sequence additional discrete components, if needed Qualified for Industrial Applications (-40C to 105C) This design includes a test report, an EVM guide, and design files to help accelerate the evaluation process

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