The TIDA-00891 is designed to evaluate HD3SS3220 devices for UFP implementations. This reference design can also be used as a hardware reference design for any implementation using the HD3SS3220 with a USB-C™ connector. Reference design files can be provided upon request to aid PCB design with HD3SS3220. The layout files can be used as a guideline to implement the TUSB321A with illustrations of the routing/placement rules. The reference design includes on-board USB Type-A plug to connect legacy USB systems. Please note that the reference design may include test components for evaluation purposes not applicable for production.


Operates off of the 5V VBUS from the legacy Type A USB connection USB2 D+1 and D+2, D-1 and D-2 are shorted on the Type-C connector to support both connection orientations Has a USB Type-A plug and a USB Type-C™ receptacle. The Type-A plug can be connected to a USB legacy Type-A receptacle for host side connection. USB3 TX and RX signals are multiplexed through HD3SS3220 to support both connection orientations on the USB Type-C™ port. Small Design eases system implementation

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