RFID считыватель

This reference design, featuring the TRF79xxA paired with an MSP microcontroller, is a fully-functional, battery-operad RFID & NFC reader. This design features in-depth details on how to add NFC/RFID capabilities to an existing design by adding a simple circuit and small firmware control logic loops.


Ultra-Low Power consumption for battery-operated applications Includes PC-side GUI for full evaluation Leverages 13.56MHz NFC/RFID TRF7970A Transceiver IC, which can be leveraged worldwide Includes complete HW and SW design files, with test data This reference design can use almost any MSP430. Only a parallel or SPI interface is required to interface between the TRF7970A transceiver and MSP430 MCU. This reference design can be ordered (TRF7970AEVM)

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