Устройство защиты от перенапряжений

While Digital Fault Recorders (DFR) can detect transients in 17/20 μs at 60/50 Hz, Transient Recorders capture disturbances that can peak and decay well within a microsecond. This TI Design demonstrates the capturing of transient inputs at up to 1 MHz for Digital Fault Recorder and 25 MHz for Transient Recorders. Both positive and negative transients (<=2kV peak) can be captured with varying resolution based on application need (12-14 bit resolution) and within 10% accuracy using a differential amplifier driving a high speed converter.


Transient Recording from 10MHz - 25Mhz (> 166,000 samples/cycle) Digital Fault Recording of up to 1 MHz Differential amplifier front end to interface transient inputs to differential ADC Measurement Range: Capture input transient from 250 V to 2 kV peak, 1.2/50 us Measurement Sensitivity (10% - 100% of input voltage range): ±20 V (Resolution) for 2 kV peak Measurement Accuracy (10% - 100% of input voltage range): < 10% for Transient Capture and < 1% for Digital Fault Recorder Tested for Surge Immunity as per IEC61000-4-5 up to 4kV with 42Ω impedance

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