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Modern high-speed data acquisition systems push for higher bandwidth while delivering state of the art performance. Next generations systems require instantaneous bandwidths beyond 1GHz to cover new emerging communications standards such as 802.11 ac and 5G for example. To achieve wider bandwidths a dual ADC is used as a complex (IQ) receiver in 0-IF type architecture. Performance considerations are avoiding IQ mismatch and imbalances and therefore make the I and Q paths symmetrical. This TI design describes a 2GHz wide band digitizer consisting of a dual RF ADC driver and a dual channel 14bit 3Gsps ADC with the necessary analog filter network. This design captures 2GHz of frequency spectrum at RF first with a wide bandwidth IQ demodulator and then amplifies, filters, and samples the two complex frequency bands at baseband, dc-1 GHz.


Optimal method for digitizing 2GHz or greater of signal bandwidth DC Coupled signal path utilizing LMH3404 amplifier Optimzed low jitter clocking solution utilizing LMX2592 and LMK04828

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