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<125ОјA Standby High Efficiency Power Supply Reference Design for Neutral-less Wireless Lighting (TIDA-01097)

Lighting control devices such as wired or wireless switches and dimmers may be used in retrofit environments or in new installations. New installations may have separate line, neutral, and earth wires where the lighting control unit can be powered by connecting it between the line and neutral, whereas in most of the retrofit installations only line and earth wires may be available. In such cases, the lighting control unit has to be powered by connecting it between line and earth terminals while ensuring that the current flowing to earth is limited to 0.5 mA. This necessitates the use of a very low standby consumption, high efficiency power supply. The TIDA-01097TI Design is a wireless lighting control unit using a low quiescent current offline converter that enables excellent efficiency at low power levels, a low-noise, high-PSRR, low quiescent current, good line and load transient response LDO, and a very low standby and low active current specs wireless microcontroller.


<125-μA quiescent current including wireless MCU and 69% efficiency @ 35mW load Off-line converter with integrated 700-V power MOSFET High side current limit circuit with inherent inrush current limiting, output overload and short circuit protections Low noise, high PSRR, low quiescent current, good load transient response LDO for wireless control Tested and characterized with SimpleLink Bluetooth® Low Energy Wireless MCU having 1-μA standby, low Rx, Tx, core and sensor controller currents enabling easy implementation of lighting controls Enables neutral less lighting control applications with earth as return that complies with UL773A


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<125ОјA Standby High Efficiency Power Supply Reference Design for Neutral-less Wireless Lighting TIDA-01097

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