TDINV4500W050-KIT (Transphorm)

Наименование TDINV4500W050-KIT
Производитель Transphorm(TRANSPH)
Артикул 2119308
Производитель компонента
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The TDINV4500W050 inverter kit from Transphorm provides an easy way to evaluate the
performance advantages of GaN power transistors in various inverter applications, such as solar
and UPS. The kit provides the main features of a single-phase inverter in a proven, functional
configuration, operating at or above 50kHz. At the core of the inverter are four GaN transistors
configured as a full bridge. These are tightly coupled to gate-drive circuits on a board which also
includes flexible microcontroller options and convenient communication connection to a PC.
The switch-mode power signals are filtered to provide a pure sinusoidal output.

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