MSP430FR6972IRGCR (Texas Instruments)

Наименование MSP430FR6972IRGCR
Производитель Texas Instruments(TI)
Артикул 1921241
Количество входов / выходов
Разрядность, бит
Кол-во выводов
Диапазон напряжений питания
Размер программной памяти, кБайт
Тактовая частота, Гц
Разрешение АЦП
RAM - память, кБайт
Периферийные устройства Brown-out Detect/Reset, DMA, LCD, POR, PWM, WDT
Напряжение питания Макс
Напряжение питания Мин
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16-bit Microcontrollers - MCU 16Mhz LP MCU 0

FET430F6137RF900 (TI)
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64-pin Target Development Board and MSP-FET Programmer Bundle for CC430 MCUs

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FEATURES Suitable for most MSP430Fxxx flash microcontrollers Uses TI standard 2x7 pin JTAG connector Spy-By-Wire support for the newest TI MSP430 devices Can supply the target with 3.3V fixed voltage 50mA maximum current, no short circuit protection(!) The firmware uses version 2 of the MSP430 Debug stack - it is compatible with a large number of software tools Compatible with TI's Code Composer Studio Compatible with IAR Embedded Workbench for MSP430 up to version 5.20.1 software for programming, real time emulation, debugging, step by step program execution, breakpoints, memory dump etc everything all high priced emulators do With IAR Kickstart versions you can write in assembler unlimited code size and to write in C with 2K limit for all MSP430 microcontrollers Works with free GCC C compiler and Insight MSP430 toolchain and debugger Compatible with software tools that have support for MSP430 Debuck Stack version 2 (MSP430.dll v2).…

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DRV8805 Evaluation Module

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DRV8837 Evaluation Module

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ADS1231REF Evaluation Module

EZ430-RF2500T (TI)
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MSP430 2.4-GHz Wireless Target Board; Development Tool Type:Hardware - Daughter Card; Supported Families:MSP430 Family of MCUs; Supported Devices:eZ430-RF2500; Tool/Board Application:Wireless Connectivity-ZigBee, RF, Infrared, USB

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