DSPIC33EP512MU810-E/BG (Microchip Technology Inc. )

Наименование DSPIC33EP512MU810-E/BG
Производитель Microchip Technology Inc. (MCRCH)
Артикул 1174415
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Digital Signal Processors & Controllers - DSP, DSC 100P 512KB Flsh 52KB RAM 60MHz USB

DM330012 (MCRCH)

The dsPIC33E USB Starter Kit provides a low cost method for the development and testing of USB OTG, Host and Device applications on the 60 MIPS dsPIC33E DSC family. The board contains an on-board programming/debugger, standard A USB and micro A/B connecto

DM330016 (MCRCH)

The audio development board for dsPIC33E (DM330016) provides developers a flexible platform for 24-bit audio record and playback, USB digital audio and sample rate conversion.

DM330022-1 (MCRCH)
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Microchip Technology dsPICDEM™ MCSM Development Board is targeted to control both unipolar and bipolar stepper motors in open-loop or closed-loop (current control) mode.

MA330025-1 (MCRCH)

Processor Plug-In Modules are small circuit boards to be used with the various Microchip Development Boards to evaluate various MCU families. These plug into the main processor socket of the Development Boards so that different microcontrollers can be use

MA330027 (MCRCH)

The dsPIC33EP512MU810 Dual Motor Control Plug-In Module (PIM) is designed to facilitate the development of Motor Control applications using two motors and one Digital Signal Controller (DSC). Two Microchip dsPICDEM™ motor control development boards

MA330031-2 (MCRCH)

This plug-in module comes with a 64-pin dsPIC33EP256MC506 TQFP device. It enables using the OpAmps on the MCLV-2 and MCHV-2 boards. It can be used with the Microchip MCHV-2 [DM330023-2] and MCLV-2 [DM330021-2]. This PIM is not compatible with the MCLV[DM3

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